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What is the Difference Between Water & Flood Damage in Pearland, TX? Insurance Coverage, Clean Up & More

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between water damage and flood damage? After all they both involve water? According to the knowledgeable experts at Disaster Services there is and understanding those differences will help you develop the appropriate clean up restoration plan. Keep reading to learn more about water and flood damage…

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What Damage Can a Leaking Roof Cause in Pasadena, TX? Interior Mold, Fire Hazards, Need for Structural Repairs & More

Water damage can have serious and expensive consequences. One of the most common reasons for water damage within your home is a leaking roof. While it is true that many household repairs can be put on hold, the professionals at Disaster Services recommend a roof leak as being number one on your home maintenance repair…

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How Do You Restore a Water Damaged Home in Magnolia, TX? Contact Emergency Restoration Company & More

Water damage can occur suddenly. A pipe can burst, the plumbing can back up, or an appliance malfunctions. When your home is exposed to water, whether it’s because of a slow leak or a major flood, you will want to seek water damage repair immediately. Water damage degrades and rots a number of materials used…

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What Goes into Fire Damage Restoration in New Waverly, TX? Inspection, Assessment, Tarping, Cleaning & More

When a homeowner experiences a fire they can feel vulnerable and even somewhat helpless. They may not know where to start in recovering and rebuilding. Depending on how severe the fire damage is the steps will vary. Even a small fire can leave major damage and have lingering effects. However, the main goal is to…

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Effects of a Plumbing Leak in Willis, TX; Does Water Damage Occur Immediately & Mold Get Worse Over Time?

Water damage from your home’s plumbing system is all too common of a problem. Many homeowners will face plumbing leaks or failure that can cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. When the home’s plumbing system causes water damage, sometimes the homeowner will put off repairs or restoration of their home, assuming…

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How Do I Safely Dry & Clean Up My House After a Water Leak or Flood in Huntsville, TX? Extract Water, Ventilate & More

It’s an overwhelming feeling to find that there is water damage in your home. Sometimes, out of panic, people run into the space to try and get things under control. However, when you do this, you could be putting yourself in danger. It is important that you proceed with caution when cleaning up water damage.…

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