Does Fresh Air Help with Mold Growth in Galveston, TX & When Does Opening Windows Not Slow Down Spores?

Mold is one of those things that no homeowner wants to deal with. Not only can it pose a serious health risk, but it can also be unsightly when it starts to show up on your walls and ceilings. Mold is something that can be tricky to deal with on your own. There is good reason that it is always recommended that you have professionals help you get rid of mold if you have found it growing in your home. However, to help keep mold levels down, you may find that one simple thing can help reduce mold growth in your home; opening the windows. Disaster Services is here to talk about mold and your windows and what can be done to keep mold levels down in your home.

Should I Open Windows to Prevent Mold?

It may surprise people when they find out that by merely opening their windows, they can reduce mold growth in their home. This happens for one simple reason; the moisture in their home will get circulated outside rather than staying inside their home. If it is trapped inside your home, it can settle on your walls, the ceiling, the floor, and any other surface in your home.

When Does Opening Windows Not Slow Down Mold Growth?

While it can be helpful to open your windows, there are times that you can do more harm than good by doing this. Here are some of those instances.
– High Humidity: If there are high levels of humidity in the outside air, you are going to be better off leaving your windows closed. You shouldn’t open the windows if the humidity is above 60% outside. This will only increase the moisture in your home and make it more likely that mold can thrive in that environment.
– Raining: When it is raining outside, that is not the time to open your window for a number of reasons. First, you don’t want the water to get all over your windowsills as this can cause damage. Next, there are always high levels of humidity in the air when it is raining outside.
– Severe Mold Cases: It is important to remember that opening the windows isn’t going to fix a mold problem. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a severe case of mold. If you’re worried that your home could be susceptible, you can try opening the windows more often, but when your home is infested with mold, you need professional help.

Mold Remediation Services in Baytown, Pasadena, League City, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands, Spring & Greater Houston, Texas

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t rely on your windows to get rid of a serious mold growth problem in your home. Mold growth isn’t something that you ever want to mess around with. It can cause serious damage to your home as well as your health. At Disaster Services, we specialize in water damage restoration and mold remediation. We will be able to get rid of the stubborn mold that is growing in your home. Call us today!

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