How Can Mold Be Prevented in Lake Jackson, TX? Remodel with Mold Resistant Materials & More

There is something almost terrifying about the appearance of mold. Perhaps because we know if it’s not some kind of cheese, it’s dangerous. Mold can cause sickness, and in rare cases can be the cause of fatalities. Mold attacks our homes, and if gone unchecked can cause their condemnation. Mold can destroy precious antiques, priceless heirlooms, and every day living commodities. Mold is really the enemy and with all enemies, it’s always best to apply pre-emptive strikes to keep the enemy and it’s treachery at bay. Today Disaster Services will give you a little bit of advice on doing just that.

Inspect Problem Areas & Control Mold Issues

Unfortunately it is impossible to completely make your home mold-proof, however, we can make your house mold-resistant. To begin your quest, ask yourself a few questions. Do you notice excessive condensation on your windows? Are there any water stains on your ceiling from frequent leaks? Preventing mold is as simple as doing a few replacement projects around your home. If floors are carpeted and often damp, it is a good idea to lift up the carpet or if they are wood, replace the floor boards that seem consistently wet. Installing mold-resistant products is prudent. Repairing or replacing gutters or destroyed shingles. If you are into major renovations, installing waterproof materials is always a score. No matter what methods you choose, it is a wise investment to fix the problem now before mold develops and spreads. Mold can cause more damage in costly repairs than doing a few weekend assignments.

Dry Out any Wet or Damp Areas

Mold needs moisture to flourish and grow, so it is a must to deal with wet areas immediately. If you notice any areas in your home that are damp after a heavy rain storm, it is a good idea to get these areas attended to. If dampen areas do not dry within 24-48 hours, perhaps a leaky pipe is at fault and should be investigated quickly. Do not let day to day activities be the cause of mold sprouting as well. Don’t leave wet belongings lying around, and be sure to wipe walls and floors dry in areas that get wet(i.e. showers, tubs, bathrooms, sinks, etc.) Mold can spread quickly on wet clothes left in the washer/ dryer. That suffocating smell that radiates off your clothes in this situation is mold and mildew setting in. Make sure they are quickly ran through the dryer, or if not available, hung out to dry. Outside is optimal for added freshness.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Every day routine activities can contribute to mold growth such as; daily showers or baths, cooking dinner, or doing laundry can invite mold in if these rooms aren’t properly ventilated. Appliances that use water to function should be properly vented to the outside, and not in attic space. Running A/C unit and dehumidifiers should be routinely inspected and cleaned to reduce any chances of mold sprouting. If needed, open windows or run a exhaust fans.

Mold Resistant Construction Materials

Especially vital if your live in a humid or wet climates. As mentioned earlier, if you are already committed to major renovations or building your dream home, using mold-resistant materials is a rational investment.

Control Indoor Humidity

EPA recommends keeping your home’s humidity between 30-60 percent. With any moisture meter from your local hardware store, you can monitor your indoor humidity. Detection of extreme humidity is just as easy paying attention to the problem areas. Signs of high humidity are condensation on windows, pipes, or walls. If you notice condensation, wipe area dry, turn off equipment, and investigate the source.

Keep Water Drained Away from Your Home

If you notice your home tends to accumulate pools of water around your home during any rainstorms it could be not properly sloped, and the water settling around your could be a potential breeding ground for mold in crawl space, basements, or foundations.

Ensure Roof Gutters are Working Properly

Roof gutters need to be functioning accordingly. A leaky roof is often the victim of poor gutters. Gutters need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. If gutters have become un-useful, get them replaced.

Improve Airflow

An EPA statistic is as the temperatures drop, less moisture is held. Without good airflow, that moisture can cling to walls, windows, and floors. Increase circulation by opening doors between rooms, keep furniture from being pressed up tightly to walls, and even allowing doors to closets can improve circulation. Allow fresh air to stream throughout your home to keep moisture away and the mold at bay.

Keep Mold Off Household Plants

Plants always liven a room, and keep a home feeling fresh, mold adores plants. The moist soil is a mold infestation waiting to happen. If mold is produced in that soil, it can quickly spread. You don’t have to get rid of your plants, inspect for any signs of mold and tend to at the first sign. Add a little bit of Taheebo Tea to the water you give to your household plants to help hinder mold.

Mold Remediation in Baytown, Pasadena, League City, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands, Spring & Greater Houston, Texas

Volumes can be written in mold prevention, but these were just a few basic ideas to get you started. If you discover a mold problem, be sure to let a professional handle it. Mold removal and disposal is an in-depth process and needs to be dealt with by an experienced expert. Let Disaster Services assist you in that endeavor. If you have any questions or suspicions allow one of our specialist aide you in removing that harmful mold. Contact us today!

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