How Can We Protect Commercial Buildings from Flood & Water Damage in Sugar Land, TX?

When you have a slow leak in your commercial building that causes water damage, it can be a big financial strain. Water damage on any property isn’t something that you want to deal with, but when you have water damage in a commercial setting, the stakes are even higher. While you may have insurance that covers these kinds of disasters, you are always going to be better off avoiding the damage in the first place since it can really disrupt your business. Disaster Services is here to share some tips to help business owners protect their buildings from water damage in the first place.

Seal Cracks & Crevices

If there are any cracks found in the seals around any doors or windows, you are going to want to get them sealed. You should also look at the foundation for any cracks as well. These cracks can let cold air enter into the building and cause freezing pipes which will eventually burst and leave significant water damage.

Insulate Exposed Plumbing

If there are any exposed pipes around your building that could end up freezing during the night or went temperatures are cold during the winter, you will want to get them insulated. This will help you greatly reduce the risk of those pipes bursting when temperatures get down around freezing during winter months.

Always Keep the Heat On

On the weekends, it can be tempting to turn the heat off completely in the building to help you save some money on energy bills. However, you need to keep the heat on to avoid any problems with frozen pipes. You should keep the building at 50 degrees at the very least to avoid this problem.

Inspect Drainage

The gutters and downspouts on your building play a key role in avoiding any flooding. If they are blocked with any debris, it can leave water pooling in areas that it shouldn’t. Make sure there aren’t any leaves or any other debris caught in the gutters that could pose a problem.

Maintain HVAC & Sprinkler Systems

The biggest causes of water damage to a commercial property come from plumbing, HVAC systems and sprinkler systems. Even if the leaks are somewhat small, if they are left for long stretches without repair, it can lead to huge problems down the road. Make sure you inspect them and repair when necessary.

Know Where the Shut Off Water Valve is

You will want to know where the shut off valve is in the building. That way, if there were any problem with a leak or something, you know where to go to shut off the water immediately. This can save you big time. Temporarily cutting the water supply off to the building can end up saving you thousands in the water damage later.

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