How Do I Protect My House from Freezing Pipes, Floods & Winter Water Damage in Missouri City, TX?

As the temperature starts to fall and winter settles in, your home may need to be ready for the onslaught of winter. Cold weather storms can damage your home as much as any summer storm can. This is why it is so important that you are ready for them. Disaster Services is here to help you protect your home from any possible winter damage.

Beware of Freezing Pipes

During winter, pipe protection is a must. Your pipes can freeze and sometimes even burst, leaving you with no water and possible water damage in your home. Make sure your home has proper air circulation so that there is heat in all areas to keep those pipes at room temperature. If you experience any frozen pipes, it is important that you thaw them out slowly. This can be done by placing warm, wet washcloths around the pipe or using a hot water bottle to get the job done. In the event that you do have a burst pipe, shut the water main off as soon as possible to avoid damage.

Look for the Source of a Water Leak

Look for leaks around toilets, under sinks, in and around showers and tubs, and near your water heater. You can also easily perform a whole house water leak check using your water meter to detect larger leaks. To do this, turn off the water inside and outside the home, record a water meter reading, wait 15 minutes, and then read the meter again. If the meter records any water use during the test, it may be due to a large leak or a combination of small leaks you should have addressed right away.

Clean Leaves & Branches from Gutters

As the leaves fall from the trees during the fall, it can create a mess. Not only do leaves fall, but branches as well. If these are filling your gutters, your gutter system will render useless. Clear out any leaf and branch debris from the exterior of your home and gutters to prevent any risk of water damage this winter. The trees should also be trimmed so they aren’t touching your home in any way. This job is treacherous when done after winter hits, but trees pose a threat to your home if they are too close.

Improve Soil Grading & Drainage Around House

When it rains, take note of any rain or flood water that accumulates near your home. Pay attention to areas near the foundation. The ground should slope away from the foundation of your home or business. You may need to bring in dirt and sod to improve the grading. In some cases, you may need to install drainage where water accumulates to give the water a place to go during heavy storms.

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By taking these precautions, your home should be ready for the winter months. In the case that you may experience any home damage this winter, call on the experts at Disaster Services to help you put your home back together. We specialize in water damage restoration and mold remediation services. Hopefully, after you have followed these steps to prepare, you won’t be facing any trouble this winter season. Call us with any of your emergency repairs today!

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