How Do You Get Water Damage in Sugar Land, TX? Broken Hot Water Heater, Leaking Pipes & More

When you find excess water in your home it is enough to make anyone depressed. The amount of damage caused by water can be great depending on the volume of water that has made its way inside. When it comes to water damage, the sooner you get to the root of the problem and fix it, the better. There are several ways that water damage can take place and Disaster Services is here to talk about them.

Leaking & Broken Pipes

When your complex plumbing system fails you with a cracked or broken pipe, you will likely find your home underwater. Sometimes you could be working with a slow leak and others could mean water gushing into your home. When toilets or drains are clogged, the added pressure on your pipes can cause a break or a crack. Other circumstances may include old, rusty pipes that are so corroded that they finally give way.

Faulty Water Heaters & Appliances

Many of the appliances in your home rely on water to operate. Each of these appliances will have a hose that hooks water up to them in order to operate. Over time, these hoses will become worn and will sustain small cracks. These will do nothing but worsen over time. This is why inspecting these pipes and hoses is so important. You can replace these hoses with a lot less money than the water damage caused by one that is old and worn.

Natural Disasters & Storms

When Mother Nature unleashes her fury, it can leave nothing but destruction in its wake. Whether you are dealing with flash floods, hurricanes or sudden storms, they all have one thing in common; you don’t have any control over them. The only thing you can do to keep your home from sustaining any water damage is to take preventative measures. If you live in an area that is prone to any type of natural disaster, you had better be prepared for it.

HVAC Systems

Sometimes the heating, ventilating and air conditioning can be the source of water damage in your home. This is especially true with the air conditioning system in your home. If it isn’t properly maintained, moisture buildup can happen and mold can begin to grow, causing a long list of problems.

Be Aware of High Risk Areas in Your Home

Some areas are more prone to water damage than others. If you have a basement, you are at more risk of water damage than someone without one. They tend to be cool and moist which is the perfect conditions for mold growth. Any amount of flooding is immediately an issue when you have a basement. Other areas of concern would be crawl spaces and attics. Regularly inspect your home for any potential problems that could lead to water damage.

Flood & Water Damage Restoration in Baytown, Pasadena, League City, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands, Spring & Greater Houston, Texas

If you have sustained any water damage in your home or business, taking quick action will make all the difference. The experts at Disaster Services have the training and resources needed to provide you with water damage restoration services. Call us today!

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