Plumbing Leak Water Damage Restoration in Rosenberg, TX Due to a Broken Seal on Pipe, Corroded Pipes & More

A home has an intricate system of pipes that brings or removes water from the home. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the pipes that supply water to the home to develop a leak that leads to small or even major water damages to the home. This type of leak is often referred to as a “plumbing leak.” A plumbing leak develops for a number of different reasons. When a plumbing leak occurs it can be a small drip or even a pipe may have broken open, releasing a flood of water into the home. Disaster Services would like to share some of the common types or causes of a plumbing leak and what to do when your home is damaged by a plumbing leak.

Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks

Broken Seal on a Plumbing Pipe – A plumbing leak can occur from your home’s appliances that receive water. The refrigerator, dish washing or laundry machine has a water supply line. These appliances water connectors have a seal around them which keeps the water from leaking at these connection points. Sometimes these seals will break, resulting in a leak or even a spray of water will come out. The connection seals will need to be replaced.
Corroded Pipes – As a plumbing system ages they can develop corrosion from hard water which can eat away at the pipe. A corroding line can either result in a slow leak or the entire pipe will break. It is important to monitor your home’s piping system and replace pipes as they develop signs of corrosion. Corroding pipe is a high risk for major plumbing water damage.
Damaged Pipe Joints – One of the common sites where the pipe will develop a leak is the joint. Pipe joints are the first to deteriorate and develop a leak. Joints often need to be replaced about every ten years. As they age the joint will break down and most likely result in major water damage.
High Water Pressure – Sometimes the home’s water pressure can become too strong for the piping system to handle. High pressure coming into the home is often a flaw that needs correcting. Sometimes these waves of increased pressure can come without warning, resulting in a pipe bursting or breaking which then allows the water to flood your home.
Loose Water Connection – There are many points of connections for the plumbing system. Each faucet, toilet, appliance and water spout is a point of connection. Any of these points can become loose and result in a leak. In most case the leak is no more than a drip. However, sometimes the leak can become an even bigger problem. It is recommended to periodically check your plumbing connections and make sure they are not leaking or are loose.

Plumbing Water Damage in a House Can Be Fixed Before Mold Growth

Even a slow leak can result in water damage along the walls, ceiling and floors. A slow leak is often the culprit for mold infesting a home. A major plumbing leak can cause water damage throughout the home. When your home has been exposed to water it is important to seek professional water damage restoration services. We can help clean up, contain dangerous areas, replace damaged materiel, remove mold, and ensure your home is safe.

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