Signs that Mold Exposure is Making You Sick in Texas City, TX & Why the Need for Mold Removal is So Urgent

It’s very hard to escape mold-it’s everywhere. It can be found inside out home, outside our home and even in our food. It’s very easy for mold to go unnoticed, but some may have exposure to higher levels of it or are more sensitive to it. All homes are prime breeding ground for mold to develop, more so if you have a damp basement because mold thrives in damp, warm and humid environments. There are foods that need to be avoided if you’ve discovered that you’re sensitive to mold. A major mold infestation can ruin your home or business not to mention your health! How can you tell if you’ve been exposed to mold? Disaster Services explores this further below.

What are the Signs that Mold is Making You Sick?

1. Chronic Sinus Issues– If your nose is constantly stuffy, it might not be a cold, especially if you’re or having any other symptoms. One study found that 90% of chronic nasal sufferers are dealing with mold at home or at work. It is hard to figure out if nasal issues are due to mold or an infection. Your doctor can perform a test to see if it’s fungal sinusitis, that may need to be treated with a minor surgery.

2. Mold-Induced Asthma– Those who already have asthma can have episodes if they inhale airborne spores of mold. Reactions can be severe making it important to have an action plan in place should it “flare-up”. You don’t have to have asthma for airborne particles to make breathing difficult. Wheezing can occur, shortness of breath or other repository problems that don’t seem to have a telltale cause needs to be addressed by a doctor. Other symptoms can include watery eyes, rash, itchy eyes, coughing and eye redness.

3. Nosebleeds– Nosebleeds can be caused by trauma or a dry environment but mold can also be the cause of nosebleeds. If you start having nosebleeds that are different than the ones you usually have it may be because the environment has changed some way. Ventilate your home and use a bleach-based cleaner to reduce the occurrence of nosebleeds.

4. Skin Infections– Some molds can cause skin infections. Sporotrichosis is a skin infection that is caused by a mold called Sporothrix schenckii. These mold spores enter the body through a wound. Symptoms include a firm skin bump that, over time, can become an open sore.

5. Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis– This condition can be caused by exposure to toxic molds. The result is inflammation of the lungs caused by breathing impurities. The condition is complex and can vary in intensity.

6. Neurological Issues– There have been cases where toxic mold has affected the brain. Medications may not work and a person may lose motor and cognitive functions. Symptoms can include depression and anxiety and a patient may feel listless.

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It’s good to have a basic understanding of mold remediation and mold removal to ensure you hire the right company at the best price and highest quality. Trust the professionals at Disaster Services to get your home or business mold free. Call us today!

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