Water Damage FAQ in Galveston, TX; How Do You Dry Out a Water Damaged House & More

Continuing on to answer the frequently asked questions of water damage and restoration, we at Disaster Services would like to discuss part 2 of these asked questions to help people understand more of the situation they are facing with water damage and restoration.

Q: After the standing water is removed, is my home safe?

When it comes to water damage, expelling the water is the top priority. In the event the water seems to have disappeared or has been extracted, there are still concerns that the structure and affected materials has been compromised. After the structure has been fully dried, the majority of issues will be obvious. Mold, for example, needs as little as 24 hours to grow and flourish.

Q: Do I really need professionals to cleanup and dry out the water damage?

Simply and mild spills that make contact with your home’s surfaces can be treated immediately by homeowners; excessive saturation on flooring, baseboards, or drywall, for example, should be handled by a licensed professional. These materials are porous and though they me seem dry, the moisture could have been penetrated deeply and a trained eye can spot the signs. Though the surface may seem dry, the real damage often begins behind the walls or under the floors. With the moisture, lack of ventilation, and warmth, these hidden cavities are the perfect breeding ground for mold. More often than not, when people try to contain the water damage themselves, the fans, shop vacs, and other means available to average consumers are just not powerful enough to do the job. A professional possess the necessary equipment and expertise to take care of this issue far more effectively.

Q: How is the water damage dried out by professional contractors?

For starters, the standing water and as much moisture as possible is extracted with heavy duty water pumps after the cause of the flooding has been repaired. Once the water is being extracted and monitored, the structure and items that were inflicted is assessed and the non-salvageable is properly discarded. Powerful specialized high-speed industrial air movers are strategically placed to expedite the drying process as well as dehumidifiers remove excess humidity levels to ensure the drying process. Depending on the severity of the water damage will dictate if flooring needs to be removed to ensure the complete drying of the subfloor.

Q: How long is to be expected for the drying process?

The process can take up to 5 days to complete, depending on the circumstances. Length of time area was saturated, the extent of the damage, climate conditions, and other such factors dictate the duration of the drying process.

Q: During the restoration process, do I need to leave my home?

Families have the option of staying in the home as long as there isn’t extensive reconstruction or a severe mold outbreak. However, in many situations, people find making other arrangements is optimal when children and pets are involved and also due to the fact that the majority of water damage occurs in bathrooms and kitchens. You can consult with your homeowner’s insurance company for possible living expenses until restoration is complete.

Q: Throughout the total procedure, do the restoration crew need to have access to my house?

Until the environment is returned to normal conditions, mold remains a threat. The professional will need access to and control the moisture and humidity levels in the home during the drying process.

Q: Is the drying process frequently monitored?

Professionals set up the equipment to ensure maximum efficiency according to the moisture content. As the drying progresses, proper adjustments will be made and to do so the conditions and headway is monitored frequently.

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Disaster Services will continue to answer more FAQ concerning water damage to help people during this stressful situation but if you are currently enduring water, damage call us immediately to avoid potential harm of mold and to minimize the damage.

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