Water Damage FAQ in La Porte; What Do Restoration Teams Do to Clean Up & Rebuild & More

Today we continue to take the opportunity to answer a few of the common frequently asked questions regarding water damage and the restoration process. If you haven’t seen your question listed in our postings, please feel free to call us directly!

Q: Can I replace materials with something different, if they need a replacement?
The insurance will replace “like-with-like”, keeping your property restored to its pre-damaged condition. You will need to pay the difference in cost in the event you want any upgrades from the allotted finances by the insurance company. Before any materials are ordered or replaced, be sure to consult with the contractor if you still want to pursue upgrades.
Q: Should the carpet be replaced after a water leak or flood?
The carpets may need to be replaced depending on the circumstances. Carpets are not meant to be excessively wet for any extended period and water damage will cause the backing of the carpets to separate from the fibers, which is called delamination, resulting in replacements. The carpets should also be replaced if the water was contaminated in any way. In many circumstances, the carpets can be saved; the professional can evaluate the factors and let you know.
Q: After the water has been dried out, who should I call for water damage restoration?
To deal with any water damage situation, know that water restoration companies specialize in water damage and have the certifications, training, experience, and know-how. In order to mitigate or remediate the negative effects of water damage, a general contractor may not have the necessary experience or knowledge needed. A general contractor that is also a water restoration company where the work can be done by one contractor is the best solution.
Q: After the water restoration is done, do I need to find a reconstruction contractor to do the repairs?
You don’t need to stress about finding a general contractor in the event you hired a restoration company to handle your loss from start to finish. To do the reconstruction needed, water damage companies like Disaster Services have a team of qualified experienced professionals. Other water damage restoration companies should at least utilize sub-contractors as a part of the restoration package.
Q: Are there any chemicals used in the process that can be a risk to people or pets?
In order to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and other contaminants, professionals use an anti-microbials or biocides. In any case, it is best to avoid exposure to any chemicals. To be safe, keep yourself, children, and pets away during this process and ask the restoration company about the products they will be using and to provide you with the MSDS sheet for that product.
Q: Is there a guarantee on the restoration work?
Reputable companies take pride in their work and will back it with 100% satisfaction guarantee through a specific time frame. Ask the contractor for details and ensure it is in writing.

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