What Causes Water Damage in Atascocita, TX; Sewer Backup Flooding, Plumbing Leak, Storm Flood & More

Water damage within a home comes in many different forms. Water damage can be due to weather conditions or a flaw in a plumbing system or appliance. Depending on the type of water damage and or where the water came from, how you restore a home will vary. Disaster Services would like to share the different types of water damages that can occur and a basic run down on how each is restored.

Sewer Backup Flooding

One of the worst types of water damage that can occur inside a home is sewer back up flooding. The waste water is very dirty to say the least, it also smells and is rather hazardous. When a sewer line backs up into the home, most material that came in contact with the water will need to be removed and replaced. Only concrete or tile can be cleaned and reused after a sewer back up. However, dry wall, flooring and other materials will need to be removed. If the sewer water is stagnate or is still setting inside the home, special measures will need to be taken when extracting the water. If you experience a sewer backup flooding, be sure to seek professional help right away.

Rain or Storm Flood

Rain water isn’t so bad by itself and basic roof leaks can be easily dealt with as well. However, when it floods and that water rushes into your home, the rainwater brings all of the contaminates from outside into your home. Flooding water from outside can cause bacteria, fungi and other contaminates to create a hazardous environment inside the home. Not as bad a sewer water, flooding will require some precautions when extracting the water and treating the home. Water damaged material will need to be removed and new material put in its place. Depending on how bad the flooding was, and how much water entered the home, restoring the home can become a massive project.

Water Leak Intrusion

Often referred to as water intrusion damage or flooding is when a broken pipe or a faulty appliance causes flooding within the home. Flooding from appliances or piping within the home, the water is rather clean and isn’t as much cause a concern as the other types of flooding. However, even clean water exposure can lead to mold, mildew or fungi to developing inside the home. It is important to react quickly to even flooding from a clean water source. Like all water damage restoration, the water will need to be extracted, the home dried out and the damaged material removed and replaced. Depending on how much water flooded the home, the restoration project will of course, vary.

Fast Response is Needed to Reduce Extent of Water Damage

Water damage restoration is often required after any flooding event. Depending on how much water filled the home in some cases the repairs are minor. They will only involve the flooring and the bottom portion of the walls. However, major water damage may require much more work. It is important to disinfect to prevent the spread of mold and other fungi from infecting your home.

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