What is a Category 1, 2 and 3 Water Damage in Sugar Land, TX? Clean, Gray & Black Water Contamination

If you have ever been the victim of water damage in your home, the disaster is hard to deal with on many levels. The water does not have to be substantial to do a lot of damage. There are other aspects to water damage that are involved in determining the severity. Water damage is not something you want to take lightly. The outcome for leaving water that has flooded your home or office untreated is mildew and the more dangerous risk is mold growth. Mold is dangerous to have in a home and around your family. When the mold is in the air it can get in your lungs and that will make you sick. That is why treating your home for water damage right away is important. Another aspect about water damage that makes a difference is the category of water that has flooded your home. Disaster Services lists the categories that are used when water floods your home or office.

What is a Category 1 Water Damage

Any type of water that has made its way into your house can be disastrous. The water will soak into your belongings as well as cause moisture to build up on things that cannot be wet. The first level which is the best to have if you are dealing with a flood of any kind. The level one category is a clean water source. This is when a sink or tub overfills or even when the toilet floods over the tank. The water that is flooding is a source that has been treated and clean and could be used as drinking water. The exposure that you might be at risk for is very minimal.

Category 2 Water Loss

This is a level up and does have some contaminants that can be dangerous to you and your family. This type of flood water is what is considered grey water and has contaminants from everyday use such as a dishwasher water or a washing machine. It does not have any level of fecal matter but is still something that needs to be treated properly. This level of water damage does cause enough that you could become sick when working around it or if it is left uncleaned. There are some levels of bacteria that will cause mold and other growths to appear.

Category 3 Major Water Damage

This is a level that you want to completely stay away from. If this is the level of water contamination, that is extremely dangerous. If your home is flooded with this category, you want to take your family and remove them from the area right away. The water is usually from sewer water that backed up into your home. An overflowing toilet is the most common way that you come in contact with category three water. There are specialized cleaning services like Disaster Services that have to come out and take care of this so that you can move back in without the prospect of further illness or contamination.

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