What is that Musty Smell in My Richmond, TX House? Does a Musty Odor Mean Water Damage?

When you walk into your home or in a certain parts of the house and you are always hit will a musty odor, this is a bigger problem than you think. Where no one likes that musty odor, that specific odor is the telltale sign of water damage. Sometimes water damage can go unnoticed and be hard to locate. But once it is found, you may find that you have some serious water damage to repair. To better understand what that musty odor means when you smell it, Disaster Services will share in more detail what musty odors mean for your home.

How Do I Find out what Causes a Musty Smell in My House?

Some pipe leaks occur within the walls and/or ceiling. When a pipe develops a small crack or leak around the joints, they often drip out water slowly. Due to the slow dripping, it can take the water awhile to build up and begin creating water stains. Meanwhile, the water is rotting out the wood studs, weakening the drywall and developing mildew and mold that is just waiting to be released. When you cannot find the water damage, you can often smell it. That musky or musty odor is the scent of mildew, mold, bacteria and decay. When wood begins to rot, it has a musky like odor and that damp smell is the mold and mildew that has formed. As you well know, both mildew and mold releases spores into the air. Those spores also contribute to the odor within the home. When you smell that musty odor, you may be breathing in the spores. Once exposed, the household members may quickly become ill. If you have a musty type of odor inside your home, this is a problem that needs the attention of a professional water damage restoration service.

Does a Musty Smell Mean there is Water Damage?

You may wonder why something as small as a musty odor requires the attention of a professional water damage restoration service. Well, there are a few different reasons why you will want to contact a professional. To start with, they can locate the site of the water damage. When you cannot find the site of the water damage, the last thing you want to do is tear down walls for no reason. A professional water damage restoration service uses thermal detecting technology. The water leak from a pipe will get the internal material wet which means they will be cold. A thermal scanner looks for these cold spots. Once the site of the leak has been located, they will know where to start. A professional service not only can easily locate the site of the water damage, but they have all of the safety equipment in case there is mold within the wall. They also have all of the tools to remove the damaged material and the experience needed to repair the damage. They can also treat the mold that is present to ensure your home is completely safe. These are but a few of the reasons why you will want to reach out to a professional water damage restoration service.

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