What is the Leading Cause of Water Damage in Commercial Buildings in Conroe, TX?

No one wants to experience water damage in their home. It can be expensive to fix and cause health risks you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. Water damage can not only cause problems for homes, but it can be a problem in a commercial setting as well. Commercial buildings have other issues that can result in water damage when compared to residential homes. Disaster Services is here to talk about some of the causes of commercial water damage so that you, as a business owner, can avoid these problems in the future if at all possible.

How Does Water Damage to Commercial Buildings Start?

There are many different reasons a commercial property could sustain property damage as a result of water. The best way to avoid any water damage in your building is to know what can cause them. Here are some of the top reasons commercial properties experience water damage.
– Leaking Roof: The roof on your building is there to keep the building protected from the elements. As the building ages, it isn’t uncommon to run into problems with the roof. Staying on top of roof damage will be key in keeping water out of the building. A leaking roof can end up being extremely expensive if it isn’t caught early enough.
– Damaged Sprinkler System: Your commercial building is required to have a sprinkler system that is linked up with the smoke alarms in case you have a fire. If those sprinklers malfunction and are damaged, it can lead to water damage in your building.
– Broken HVAC System: Without a property working HVAC system, your employees and customers wouldn’t feel comfortable when they are inside the building. It is essential in keeping everyone happy. It also plays a significant role in water damage when it breaks though. You may not realize that your AC system can leak a significant amount of water if it breaks. This can go unnoticed at times which results in water damage.
– Damaged Windows: It is always a good idea to check the windows of your building every year. This can help you know if they are in need of sealing. If the seal isn’t good around the windows, it can lead to water damage as water makes its way into the building during a storm.
– Natural Disaster: There is nowhere that is completely without the risk of natural disasters. Whether it is heavy rains and thunderstorms that lead to flash flooding or a hurricane, the weather can do a number on your building, including water damage.

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If your commercial building has fallen victim to water damage, you can turn to the pros at Disaster Services to help you put the property back together again. We will make sure there is no lingering mold which can lead to health problems down the road. We will restore your building so no one even knows a disaster ever happened. Call us today!

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