What Should I Do Immediately After Water Damage in Deer Park, TX? Stop the Source & More

Water leaks and flood damage can be distressing events for homeowners, wreaking havoc on both property and peace of mind. However, the key to minimizing the aftermath is prompt and organized action. In this blog post, the experts at Disaster Services will walk you through a step-by-step guide on what to do after a water leak or flood damage occurs in your home.

Ensure Safety First

The safety of yourself and your family should be the top priority. If the water damage is extensive, evacuate the premises and call emergency services if necessary. Be cautious of potential hazards such as electrical issues, slippery surfaces, or structural damage.

Identify & Stop the Source

Before addressing the damage, it’s crucial to identify and stop the source of the water leak. Whether it’s a burst pipe, faulty appliance, or external flood, turning off the water supply or addressing the root cause is paramount.

Document the Damage

Take photographs and videos of the affected areas before initiating any cleanup or restoration. This documentation can be valuable when filing insurance claims and provides a visual record of the extent of the damage.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Provide them with the documentation you’ve collected and a detailed description of the incident. Be sure to follow their instructions and keep records of all communication.

Remove Excess Water

Use pumps, wet/dry vacuums, or towels to remove standing water from affected areas. The sooner you eliminate excess water, the less likely it is for mold and mildew to develop.

Thoroughly Dry the Area

Open windows, use fans, and dehumidifiers to expedite the drying process. Mold can start growing within 24 to 48 hours, so it’s essential to dry the affected areas thoroughly.

Assess & Discard Damaged Items

Evaluate the extent of damage to furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. Dispose of items that cannot be salvaged and focus on salvaging those that can be restored through professional cleaning or drying.

Sanitize & Disinfect

Floodwater can carry contaminants, so it’s crucial to sanitize and disinfect all affected surfaces. Use appropriate cleaning agents to prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure a safe living environment.

Inspect for Structural Damage

Assess the structural integrity of your home. If there’s any doubt about the safety of the building, consult with a professional contractor or structural engineer before reoccupying the space.

Hire Professional Restoration Services

Engage the services of a professional water damage restoration company. These experts have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to address the more complex aspects of the restoration process, ensuring your home is fully restored to its pre-damage condition.

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Experiencing water leaks or flood damage in your home can be overwhelming, but a systematic approach to recovery is crucial. By prioritizing safety, documenting the damage, and seeking professional assistance from Disaster Services, you can navigate through the aftermath and restore your home to its former glory. Remember, acting swiftly and decisively is key to minimizing long-term consequences. When in doubt, call the professionals at Disaster Services. We have the experience, tools and knowledge to tackle ay water damage. We can restore your damaged property to better than new, giving you peace of mind knowing it is fixed properly. Call Disaster Services today!

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