What to Do After Water Damage in Your Home in Kingwood, TX; Gather Evidence for a Claim & More

When you come home only to discover a pipe has burst or an appliance malfunctioned, and your home has flooded, it is important to react properly. Water damage can lead to major problems from mold to structure decay. Responding to water damage can vary depending on how bad the water or flood may be. To know how to properly respond to water damage and or flooding, Disaster Services would like to share what steps you should take to ensure your safety and the future recovery of your home.

Make Sure Home is Safe & Secure

When you first discover water damage in your home, your first step is to make sure the home is safe. One of the biggest threats in water making contact with electricity. Before you go walking around the house go and turn off the electricity to your home. Inspect for the source of the water and determine if the electrical system was exposed to the water. If there is any possibility that the electrical system was exposed to the water do not turn on the power back on.

What is the Source of the Water Damage

Next you will want to determine where the water is coming from. Water may be coming from a broken pipe, faulty appliances, leak from the roof during rain, or backed up sewer line. You want to want to stop the flow of water if possible. If it is coming from an appliance or pipe, turn off the water supply to your home. Other sources of water will require assistance from a professional. Not only do you want to stop the flow of water, but you will want to take pictures of the source.

Gather Evidence for an Insurance Claim

You will not only need to take pictures of where the water source is, but also you will want to take pictures of all of the water damage. You will want to write down a basic report of the accident and include the picture of the damages. Next, contact your insurance company. Go over your policy and see if water or flood damage is covered. Not all home policies will have flood or water damage so you may or may not get help from your insurance company.

Contact a Water Damage Restoration Company

Depending on the insurance company and if you do have water damage coverage, they may provide a water damage restoration service. However, they may have you find your own service and you simply send the bill to the insurance company and they will reimburse you or pay the restoration service directly. If you need to contact a water damage restoration service, you will want to seek one out and contact them very quickly. To prevent mold and decay you will want your home to undergo restoration within 48 hours of the flooding or water damage. A water damage restoration service should come out very quickly and begin removing the water from the home. During this time they can inspect your home and determine what will need to be done to restore your home. Some renovation will be required such as removing soaked drywall, floors, and ceiling. Depending on the severity of the water damage, restoration can be fairly basic to complicated.

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