Who is Responsible for Damage Caused By a Water Leak in Richmond, TX? Does a Landlord have to Fix?

When you own an income property and have tenants, it is your responsibility to provide a safe place for your tenants to live. It is something that all renters are going to expect. When something goes wrong, like a plumbing leak or water damage, they are going to look to you to get it fixed for them. As a landlord, you need to be prepared to pay for issues like water damage when there is a leak of some sort on your property. Disaster Services is here to talk about water damage and income properties.

When is a Renter Responsible for Water Damage in an Apartment or House?

As mentioned above, for the most part, landlords are going to be responsible for any water damage that happens on their property. If there is an appliance that the renter is using that they brought into the house, you can hold the accountable for the water damage, but by in large, landlords are going to foot the bill. Common water damage problems that landlords can prepare to pay for include:
– Natural disasters
– Leaking or bursting pipes
– Faulty household appliances like dishwashers or refrigerators
– HVAC issues that lead to leaking

Common Signs of Water Damage Landlords Should be Looking For

Since water damage isn’t something that you can count on your renters being responsible for, it is your job to make sure there are no issues with your property. You will need to check in on the property a couple of times each year so that you can catch any issues before they become severe. Here are some things to look for.
– Changes to the Wall’s Surface Texture: You never want to see any of the walls in your home bending or starting to sag. This can be indicative of serious water damage somewhere. Any changes to the wall’s texture or appearance can be a sign of water.
– Musty Odors: Usually, if you walk into the house and smell mold or mildew, you can count on there being a water issue somewhere that is causing it. Mold can be a serious problem that can affect the health of your tenants and anyone living there. You need to address this issue right away to ensure you catch the problem before it gets any worse.
– High Water Bills: If you have noticed higher than average utility bills, water damage somewhere could be the cause of the problem. When the plumbing has leaks throughout it, you will see the water usage skyrocket.

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If your income property has sustained water damage somehow, you can turn to Disaster Services to clean it up. We will take care of any mold and mildew growth that is present as well. If there are any signs that point to water damage, it is always best to work as quickly as possible to get the problem fixed and minimize the damage. Call us today!

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