Why Would My Sewer Back Up in Friendswood, TX? How to Clean Up & Fix Damage Due to Clogs, Rainfall & More

You come to a terrible smell like maybe something has died in your house. It could be something even worse like a sewer back up! If you have never had a problem with sewer then you have no idea the smell and destruction that can come from a back up. There are different reasons that can cause a back up but they all need cleaning up. It is not only a terrible smell but it can also be dangerous. The amount of bacteria that is in the sewer that runs below your home has now become out in the main living area of you house. The bacteria can cause illness and can lead to the growth or mold and mildew. Disaster Services outlines some of the common causes of a sewer backup and how we can restore your home or business after this has occurred.

Why Would My Sewer Back Up?

The sewer is something that you really never think about, and as long as there is not a problem, it doesn’t seem to come up. Sewage can back up into your home or business when either the building’s drain pipes or main sewer line becomes clogged. The biggest area of concern when talking about a sewage back up is in the waste disposal. It is very hard to find and clear a clog if you have one that is causing a backup. Other causes of sewage backups include tree roots, damaged sewer lines and heavy rainfall. We go into these further below.
Clogs: A clog can be caused by many different items including tree roots, grease and solids. Solids can include hair, diapers and sanitary napkins. There are some people that even flush away dirt, leaves and other solid objects. The best way to not have this be the reason is to make sure that what you are sending down your drains and toilets.
Sewer Lines: There are some homes that have an old set of sewer pipes that can stop working. Just like anything that has worked for a long time sewer pipes can be worn out and start to have leaks. This is simply age and deterioration.
Construction Mishap: If you are in a new home and you have already started to have some trouble with sewer backing up then it could be because of the construction work that was done. There are moments during the construction of a new home, there can be mistakes made. There also are mistakes that can be made when there is big heavy equipment that can run over the ground that has sewer lines that are susceptible to breaking.

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No matter what type of back up from the sewer that you have you are going to need help to get the area cleaned and sanitized. This type of water damage is very dangerous and a good restoration company like Disaster Services can come in and make the home a safe place for you are your family. Call us whenever disaster strikes.

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