Flood & Water Damage Restoration

No matter whether the water damage in your home or business is caused by hurricane or rainstorm floods; leaking roofs or windows; broken plumbing pipes; malfunctioning appliances; sewage or septic tank backups; overflowing toilet, bathtub or sink; clogged drains or any other cause, our experienced water damage restoration contractors at Disaster Services will extract the water, dry out your property and clean it up fast!

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration removes acidic smoke and soot damage from your property, leaving it exactly as you remember it or rebuilding it to look even better! No matter whether the fire started as an oil or grease, oven or other kitchen fire; knocked over candle; malfunctioning space heater or electric blanket; lit cigarette; electrical fire; chimney or fireplace creosote buildup; lightning strike; fireworks; arson or other cause; Disaster Services offer a fast and effective disaster response.

Mold Removal & Remediation

Disaster Services knows that mold is the symptom of a persistent moisture and water issue and cleaning with bleach is only effective at treating the symptom. We are trained and certified in mold removal and mitigation services. Common causes of mold include persistent condensation; consistent humidity; leaking water pipes and plumbing fixtures; improperly cleaned up flood damage; improper drainage of HVAC systems and leaking roofs or windows. After identifying the cause of your mold problem and making repairs to address this cause, we then remove the mold and thoroughly disinfect the area to ensure it doesn’t return.

Water & Fire Damage Restoration & Mold Remediation Process

Our water and fire damage response is customized to each site and may include the following:
Tarp and Board-Up – Board up the windows and doors to seal and secure the property.
Water Extraction & Structural Drying – We pump or vacuum standing water or sewage from the affected areas and dry with industrial fans and dehumidifiers.
Repair the Source of Moisture – Identify and repair the source of the moisture that may or may not have already resulted in mold growth.
Material Removal and Disposal – Properly dispose of all damaged and unsalvageable items including those contaminated with mold such as drywall, wood and carpet.
Smoke and Soot Removal – Remove smoke and soot stains from surfaces and materials.
Deodorize & Sanitize – Deodorize and disinfect the area to prevent odors and mold from developing.
Rebuild & Restore – Rebuild the affected area to its original condition or remodel it to be even better!

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