Can a Hurricane, Thunderstorm or Severe Rainstorm Cause Water Damage in Houston, TX? How Do You Fix After a Flood?

The late summer and beginning of fall season is a wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time outdoors. This is also a season that you can expect some storms to start heading our way. Most small storms won’t be enough to cause damage to a home as houses are built to withstand rain, wind and other sever weather. The problem comes when there is a storm that is more than a home can handle. The storm drains that are supposed to allow the rain water to flow under and around the house safely can get filled up and over, and that means that water has to go somewhere. You may be in an area that can become flooded and if you do you will need to get help. Disaster Services outlines the ways a storm can turn into water damage and what you need to do to get it cleaned up.

What Type of Storm is Most Likely to Cause Water Damage?

The hurricane is the most powerful type of tropical cyclone and most likely type of storm to cause water damage in Greater Houston, TX. A hurricane is identified by low pressure systems, high winds and heavy rainfall as well as storm surges and swells. As locals well know, hurricanes that reach land can be extremely destructive damaging property and affecting infrastructure. A hurricane often inflicts a substantial amount of rain that makes it impossible to drain through the town or city the way it is supposed to. This usually happens quickly and the flooding can start soon after the rain begins. The drainage will get backed up and filled to capacity. This leaves the rest of the run off and rain water to find an alternate path. This could lead a large amount of water to accumulate near you home and in your neighborhood. The rain water only has to raise a few inches to start getting into your home and causing damage. The problem is that it only takes a small amount of rain water that gets in the house that will cause damage that can be dangerous. Once the flooding starts there is not a lot that you can do except try and block the entry points that the water is getting in. After the storm has subsided and the water begins to recede you are going to need to get restoration services started right away.

What Does it Take to Restore or Rebuild After Flood Damage?

You are going to need to call a professional water damage restoration company to come out and inspect the home for areas of concern. The problem is that even a small amount of water can cause damage and when left alone can start an entire chain reaction that leads to mold and mildew. The restoration company will come out and move large items that may be in the water still and find a spot that they can start to dry out. We will also have to look at the walls, drywall, carpets and furniture. The faster you start the cleanup process the better. Water is what mold needs to start to grow and this can happen pretty quickly. If you have mold it can be dangerous and cause health concerns for you and your family. Be sure that you act quickly if you have been the victim of a storm flood.

Flood & Water Damage Restoration in The Woodlands, Spring, Pasadena, Baytown, League City, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Cypress & Greater Houston, Texas

Disaster Services is standing by completely recover, restore and rebuild your property after a devastating flood or other water damage emergency. We can take care of all the mitigation and cleanup including emergency tarping of the roof, roof repairs, structural drying and mold remediation (if the water damage was not addressed right away) as well as restoration or remodeling should you see the disaster as an opportunity to remodel to make your home even more beautiful and functional that it was before. Call us today!

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