How Do You Prepare to Protect Your Home from Severe Weather Storms in Baytown, TX to Avoid Flood & Water Damage?

Late summer and fall usher in a great deal of severe weather warnings in certain parts of the country. When you are properly prepared to take on a storm, you have a much greater chance of protecting your family and your home from any serious damage that can be done. Taking proactive steps to protect your home from a storm before it hits will minimize damage to your house and your family. Severe storms that can damage your home include hail storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados and floods. When many storms like this hit, families find themselves unprepared and unorganized. Disaster Services offers lots of helpful tips to protect your home when a severe storm is in the forecast!

Hurricane & Sever Weather Preparedness Checklist

The best way to be properly prepared to deal with severe weather and storms is to have a plan. It is essential to have a storm plan so everyone living in your home knows exactly what to do if and when a storm hits. Having a plan of action in place before a storm hits will greatly increase your chances of avoiding injury and protecting your home from any type of major damage in certain situations. In areas that are prone to flooding, be sure to insure your home with flood insurance, this is not typically included with your regular insurance.

Would Should Be in a Storm Emergency Kit?

A storm emergency kit within your home will make emergency situations much easier to deal with as a family. Your storm emergency kit should be put together well in advance so it is handy and ready to go when a storms strikes. In situations where you may have to evacuate your home, it is important to include clothing and other important essentials in your storm emergency kit. Your emergency storm kit should be in a back pack so that it can be easily taken when evacuation is required. There are specific items that should be in your storm emergency kit. These items include but are not limited to; a flashlight with batteries, crank radio, list of emergency phone numbers, first aid kit, change of clothing, any medicine that you or family members require, important papers, cash and water.

Flood & Water Damage Restoration in Baytown, Pasadena, League City, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands, Spring & Greater Houston, Texas

After a storm has hit and you can begin to get back to your premises, contact Disaster Services to conduct emergency tarping of your roof and evaluate the condition of your home. After structural drying and clean up, we can begin repairing any areas of your home that have been damaged from the storm. We can either restore your premises to pre-disaster condition or remodel to finally create the home you’ve always dreamt of!

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