Can Homeowners Insurance Be Canceled Due to an Old or Storm Damaged Roof in Sugar Land, TX?

Can your homeowner’s insurance be canceled due to a damaged or old roof? Many homeowners learn the answer to this question the hard way. Yes, your home’s roof and its condition can be the cause of your insurance company dropping your homeowner’s insurance policy. To avoid having your homeowner’s insurance policy canceled and leaving your home defenseless, Disaster Services will share some of the reasons how your roof can cause your homeowner’s insurance to get canceled to help you avoid it.

Old Roof

An old roof is a major consideration when it comes to having your homeowner’s insurance dropped. Home roofs often require replacement after 30 years. When the records show that a home’s roof has never been repaired or replaced, the insurance company will often come out and inspect the home and determine if it is at risk of damage during the next storm. When a home roof begins to show signs of aging, often the insurance company will want to avoid the risk of future claims due to an unstable roof and will either issue out a notice or just cancel your insurance without warning.

Water or Storm Damaged Roof

When you roof has visible signs of damage and has not been repaired, it is a short matter of time before the insurance companies cancel your homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies don’t take responsibility for the care of the home or its roof. If they feel the home or the roof is being neglected they have the right to cancel your policy. Insurance companies don’t want to take the risk of an expensive claim being filed on the home due to lack of roof replacements. Unless there was a fire, storm or unpreventable damage, the homeowner is responsible for the home’s care. If the roof develops any kind of damage, large or small, make sure you repair or replace the roof depending on the age of the roof.

Is it OK for Tree Branches to Touch Roof?

Trees or tree branches that are overhanging or touching the roof is a future sign of roof damages. Insurance companies that can see that trees are too close or overhanging roof tops consider it a hazard and will avoid possible claims that will be filed due to damages. Remember insurance companies will help protect you and your home against certain situations. However, if damages occurs due to negligence, this is enough grounds for the insurance company to cancel policies.

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Most old roofs should be replaced, and minor repairs made on younger roofs as needed. By caring for your home’s roof, it will help protect your insurance policy and your home will be covered if disaster occurs. Don’t wait to receive a notice from your insurance company or find out too late your insurance has been canceled. Regularly inspect your home’s roof and make sure there isn’t any damages or signs of wear occurring, especially after a storm. Make minor repairs as needed. Roofs that are over 30 years old should be inspected by a professional to determine if the roof needs a replacement. Additionally, avoid planting trees too close to the home and trim overhanging branches. If you need professional help inspecting, repairing or replacing your home’s roof, contact Disaster Services today.

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