Is Mold Remediation the Same as Removal in Pearland, TX? What Kills Spores & Prevents Mold from Growing?

If you unluckily have mold growing in your home, you will be faced with the option of mold removal or mold remediation to help you get rid of this problem. Mold growth is a problem that plagues many homeowners. Whenever there is excess moisture of any kind, it can leave you with mold growth. Mold can be harmful to not only your health but your home as well. Mold can actually weaken your home’s structural integrity. Disaster Services is here to talk about the difference between the two different ways to treat a mold issue, mold removal or mold remediation.

What is Considered Mold Removal VS Mold Remediation?

When you think about cleaning up mold, it may sound like mold removal and mold remediation is the same thing. However, they are a little bit different from one another. Here is an overview of them both.
– Mold Removal: Mold removal is used when the mold issue isn’t a severe one. If the mold hasn’t had time to grow and spread, mold removal can be enough. This is a process when an area is cleaned and treated for mold growth. This method should only be used when the mold has been tested and you know that it isn’t toxic. It should only be covering less than 10 square feet as well.
– Mold Remediation: Most of the time, when you have mold in your home, mold remediation is going to be the best way to get rid of it. This is a multi-step process that will require the help of professionals to get the mold spores’ levels in your home back down to a normal level. It may be more costly than other mold removal services, but it will be worth it when you realize that it guarantees that the mold will stop growing and stop being a problem for you.

What is Done During Mold Remediation?

While mold remediation may look a little different when compared from one company to another. The same basic process is followed. Here are the steps to get rid of mold once and for all in your home.
1. The mold is assessed and identified
2. The mold will then need to be contained
3. Air filtration will then take place
4. The mold removal and cleaning process will begin
5. Once the mold is removed, restoration and prevention are put in place

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If you have mold growing in your home, it is important that you don’t wait to treat it and get rid of it. You will more than likely need the help of the professionals at Disaster Services to help ensure that the problem is truly solved. With mold, it is common for the problem to be somewhat hidden. Our team of highly trained technicians will be able to remove any mold in your home. Call us today!

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