Can Mold Grow in the Winter in Willis, TX? What Do Mold Spores Need to Grow & More

In the summertime have you have noticed mold in your home or around your house growing? Having mold anywhere in or around your house is not something you want and you will want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. But now that it is winter and colder outside, do you need to worry about the mold? Can mold even continue to grow in the cold? Disaster Services knows a lot about mold. One of our specialties is mold removal. Today we are going to help you learn a little more about winter and mold growth.

What are the 3 Things Mold Needs to Grow?

Where have you been noticing mold? For mold to grow it needs 3 main things: moisture, food, and oxygen. Moisture can be from water on your floors after a pipe has broken that wasn’t properly cleaned soon enough. Or it can happen because the shower or tub is allowed to remain damp and humid so the mold starts to grow in your bathroom. Humidity is moister in the air. If you have a lot of humidity, especially in the bathroom, it creates the optimal environment for mold to grow. If you get any moisture accumulating in your home, even in the winter, mold can grow. Now, when we are talking about a food source that mold needs to grow, we are meaning anything from wood, wallpaper, carpet, fabric, plants, or soil. Anything it can attach itself to, the mold will start to grow. So, it can absolutely live in cold weather. Mold is a year-round problem!

Mold Does Not Die Off in Winter?

Just like many people, mold does like warmer weather. But while temperatures are low, mold can still find a way to thrive. Colder weather will slow down and delay the spread though. It doesn’t move as fast in the cold. Basically, during the winter mold is dormant and sleeping. It is waiting to wake and thrive again once warmer weather comes. When it is warmer the mold can then start to grow again and spread faster.

Mold Prevention

How do you keep mold from growing in your home during the summer and winter? One tip is to keep humidity below 50% in your home. Living in Las Vegas we don’t have a lot of humidity outside, so try and make inside your home not as humid as well. You will also want to ensure your home is well ventilated. Keep the air flowing through your home. You will want to inspect pipes and plumbing regularly for leaks. Leaks can lead to mold. If you have mold you can use mold-killing cleaners. These cleaners can be used in kitchens and bathrooms to help get rid of the mold that could be growing around your sink, tub, or shower.

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Mold can grow in all types of places. Don’t let your home be a place that it wants to live and grow. But it can happen whether you like it or not. Let Disaster Services help get rid of the mold. We can help you learn a little bit more about mold and what you can do to prevent it. Call us today!

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