Facts & Myths About Water Damage in New Waverly, TX; Can Clean Up Wait & More

Have you ever walked into your home after a vacation or after a few days of not being home and you notice that your house has a musty smell? This could be because of mold from water damage. Do you suspect that you have water damage in your house? Have you heard that it is okay to take your time getting the water damage repaired? Well, Disaster Services wants to help clear up some of those myths that you have heard about water damage. They want to help you learn what the real truth is and help you know what you should actually be doing if you have or suspect that you have water damage in your home.

Clean Up After Water Damage Cannot Wait

The longer water sits on a surface, the worse the damage gets. The more damage it causes the fewer materials or items can be salvaged from the water. After just 24 hours, mold starts to grow in the places where there is or was moisture present at one time. If there is mold this will bring a whole new set of problems. The best way to minimize your losses, mitigate damages, and prevent mold is an immediate water damage restoration response! The sooner you get the water mess cleaned up the better your house will be and the less you will have to spend on repairs.

Musty Smell Does Not Go Away Over Time

The smell does not go away. Not only will it not go away but mold has a strong musty odor that will cause the damaged item to smell, such as wet carpet or upholstery. This musty odor will spread throughout your entire home until it is treated. So you may have mold on your carpet upstairs, but when you walk through the door downstairs you will be able to smell it.

Water Damage Can Take Time to Show

Water can be hidden behind walls, under flooring, and above ceilings. These materials are often so porous, they will not just hide water, they will absorb it. You may have no clue that this is even happening until it begins warping, swelling, bowing, bending, and/or deteriorating your wall, wood, or floors. The good news is that professionals know how to resolve hidden moisture. This will stop the damage that is happening and prevent it from making the damage worse.

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Don’t let the water damage in your home become worse and cause more problems than it already has. When you do not give in to the myths that you have heard, it can help save time, money, and your home. Disaster Services will gladly come and check out any water damage or suspicion of water damage that you have in your home. We want to make sure you get rid of the musty smell and the dangers that may be in your house because of hidden or obvious water damage.

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