Why Should Mold Be Safely Removed from a Home in Waller, TX; Harmful to Human Health & More

Disaster Services specializes in mold removal from your home. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in mold and fungus removal, protecting you and your family from their harmful effects and protecting your home from the significant amount of damage that is caused by its presence. Mold can cause health problems that range from itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing to serious allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and even permanent lung damage. What many home owners fail to recognize is that mold could be growing inside of their homes right now. Disaster Services will remove mold and fungus form your home completely.

Mold Can Cause Serious Health Problems

The majority of people who suffer from respiratory issues are unaware that their problem may be related to mold exposure. Unfortunately, their physicians are also unaware, making appropriate treatment difficult to prescribe. All molds have the potential to cause poor health. Depending on what type of mold may be growing inside of your home, whether or not they produce toxins, how long you have been exposed to the mold, and your overall health and resistance to infection are some factors that can worsen the problem. While respiratory issues and complications are the most common side effect of mold, they can also be responsible for skin rashes, gastrointestinal complications, and genitourinary problems and even hemorrhaging.

Where Does Mold Hide in a House?

Mold can spread and flourish throughout your home, especially when you are not looking for it. Mold spores spread very quickly and it is impossible to completely eradicate them on your own. Disaster Services knows exactly where mold grows and how fast it can spread. Our technicians will pinpoint all areas of your home that have been affected by mold and completely remove these harmful materials from your home. Mold can grow almost anywhere; including on carpet, clothing, food, paper and especially in places that you cannot see. Some of these areas include the back side of drywall, inside of walls, above ceiling tiles, in bathrooms, kitchens and basements. Anywhere that is warm and damp, mold can grow.

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It is important to inspect the above areas of your home for any sign of mold. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can remove these materials on their own. This results in incomplete removal and mold continues throughout the home. For complete and professional mold removal and remediation, contact Disaster Services today.

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