Effects of a Plumbing Leak in Willis, TX; Does Water Damage Occur Immediately & Mold Get Worse Over Time?

Water damage from your home’s plumbing system is all too common of a problem. Many homeowners will face plumbing leaks or failure that can cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. When the home’s plumbing system causes water damage, sometimes the homeowner will put off repairs or restoration of their home, assuming it is not that big of a problem. However, water damage is an urgent problem, Disaster Services would like to share what happens when the home plumbing system leaks and how it effects the home.

Does Water Damage Occur Immediately?

When your home plumbing system develops a leak or breaks, and water is exposed inside your home, water damage is immediate. Within the first 24 hours of water damage, the drywall, flooring and other material that is exposed will begin to break down, deteriorate, and the water will seep into the foundation and other materials inside the home. Often within 24 hours of water exposure, a homeowner is already faced with a lot of home repairs.

What Does Early Water Damage Look Like 48 Hours After Exposure?

Once the home has been exposed to water, within 48 hours the water damage will continue to deteriorate drywall, flooring and the internal wood studs that frame the home. Not only will the home’s internal material continue to deteriorate, but now mold has also begun developing. Mold only needs 48 hours and it has already begun to form in the exposed areas. Some mold can be extremely hazardous and the household health is endangered when breathing certain mold spores.

One Week After Water Damage Exposure

If the homeowner still has not tended to the water damage in their home, their home’s indoor air is full of mold spores. Mold exposure has already occurred and a number of symptoms such as skin irritation, allergies or coughing and fever may have followed. The home’s wood studs would have developed wood rot at this point. This means the wood is now being eaten away. Depending on the location of the water damage, weight baring studs may be compromised. At this point, the water damage has spread or become far worse, requiring much more work to restore the home.

Does Water Damage Get Worse Over Time?

If a month has passed by and the water damage has yet to be repaired, your home has mostly become a rather dangerous environment. With mold polluting your home’s indoor air and the rotting of the wood studs, you will be investing in a lot of work and money in restoring your home. Water damaged areas will have mold and be on the verge of collapsing. You will now need to invest in mold treatment and removal. Often all damaged materials will have to be discarded and you will have to invest in replacing material and repairing your home.

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There is much more that can occur if water damage is left unchecked. It is essential to address water damage quickly to reduce the damage to your home and ensure a healthier environment. With a speedy response to plumbing water damage, you can reduce the cost of restoring your home and prevent mold from developing. If you have plumbing water damage in your home and need fast and quality water damage restoration services, contact Disaster Services today.

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