What Goes into Fire Damage Restoration in New Waverly, TX? Inspection, Assessment, Tarping, Cleaning & More

When a homeowner experiences a fire they can feel vulnerable and even somewhat helpless. They may not know where to start in recovering and rebuilding. Depending on how severe the fire damage is the steps will vary. Even a small fire can leave major damage and have lingering effects. However, the main goal is to restore the home and help get the homeowner and the family back to normal living. Disaster Services will share the steps you should take to help get your home and life back to normal.

Step 1. Contact a Fire Damage Restoration Company

When your home was ravaged by a fire, your first step is looking for help to restore your home. Fire restoration is a specialized service as there are many factors of fire restoration that must be considered. Even the areas the flame didn’t reach could have been affected. Smoke damage is widely spread and the smoke and heat from the fire can damage an entire area. This is why you will want to seek out a professional fire restoration service. Seek out a professional service that provides emergency service where they can come immediately. If the fire damage appears minor, some homeowners will remain in the home. It is essential to know if the home is safe.

Step 2. Fire Damage Assessment & Inspection

Soon after the fire occurs and you have contacted a fire restoration service, the contractor will or should come and inspect the home. A fire damage inspector will come and inspect the areas exposed to the flames. The main concern is the roof’s structure. They will see if it is sound. The heat from the flame can weaken wood along with the flames. As the inspector assesses the damage of the home they can determine if the home is safe as well as the cost of repairing the home.

Step 3. Tarping & Sealing Fire Damaged Areas

Depending on the site of the fire, the home may be exposed to the elements. The restoration service often will cover and seal any open areas to prevent further damage. Tarps are used to cover exterior areas that have been damaged by the fire to keep debris and moisture out.

Step 4. Cleaning & Clearing After a Fire

Once the home has been covered and sealed, the fire restoration contractor will start by cleaning and clearing the site of the fire. Damaged material will need to be removed and replaced. Damaged external material and furniture will need to be disposed of. Flooring, carpet and other materials that have been damaged by the flame or even smoke, might not be salvageable. However, most of the material removal will be discussed before clean up to provide the homeowner with a clear assessment of the home.

Step 5. Fire Damage Restoration & Rebuilding

Once clean up is completed, the restoration process can begin. Depending on the fire damage the steps of restoration may vary. There is a lot to consider when it comes to what steps may be needed. Not only was the home exposed to flame but water as well. There may be water damage restoration as well as fire restoration. However, a quality restoration service can help restore your home.

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