How Do I Write a Water Damage Report to Document Flood or Leak in Lake Jackson, TX?

Water damage to any home can be quite disheartening and cause more stress than one thinks they can handle. Water damage can occur from leaky pipes, excess rain, heavy floods and other natural disasters. Repairing your home from any water damage is an extensive process that takes a great deal of patience, time and unfortunately sometimes a lot of money if you do not act quickly. There are steps that need to be taken throughout the process of getting your home from water damaged to back to its original state or better. Documenting your water damage is one the first and most important steps to take after the damage has occurred. Disaster Services offers helpful tips regarding this step below.

Make a Water Damage Insurance Claim List

To best protect your property value and belongings, it is essential to document all damage that has occurred. This will assist you immensely when it comes time to recover your properties value. Make a detailed list of all property that sustained any amount of water damage. Be sure to include any landscaping damage, other structures on your residence, like a storage shed, barn or garden house, and all other personal belongings, onto your list. The more detailed the list, the better chance you have a recovering all possible value available.

Take Photos of Water Damaged Property

In addition to your detailed list of water damaged belongings, structures and landscape, attach pictures to go along with your list. Pictures of the water damaged property will go a long way when it comes time to settle up with your insurance company. Along with photos of the damaged property, also include documents of ownership, like titles to a vehicle, large machinery and other belongings. If you have kept receipts for property that was damaged, include copies with your detailed list and photographs. Including information like brand names of your belongings, where they were purchased, it’s cost, serial number and model number are also great to have with your detailed list.

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Recording all of your cleanup efforts is another essential step to take while documenting your water damage. Be sure to take pictures or video before and after cleanup efforts. Avoid throwing anything in the trash until an insurance adjuster has seen it. Take pictures of everything. If you do accidentally throw an item away, you will at least have documentation that the item was indeed damaged. Be sure to keep all receipts for clean up or repair work that was performed. If your home has been hit with water damage and you are in need of water restoration repair, contact Disaster Services for the best service available. We work with all major insurance companies and can assist you in your claims.

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