How Do You Clean Water Damaged Walls & Floors After a Flood or Plumbing Leak in Friendswood, TX

There are a numerous amount of scenarios that can result in water damage. Natural floods, water heaters leaking, pipes bursting, the list continues. Water damage is a serious thing. Structural damage, possessions ruined, and the possibility of mold setting in. No one wants to be in this predicament, but if you should find yourself in this situation, we would like to give a few tips on clean up. Even an inch of flooding water can cause unforeseeable damage. Consistent damp floors can be an underlying problem to water damage as well.

Disconnect Power

Make the rounds and unplug all the electronic equipment. For preservation, remove all electronic devices, furniture and anything movable out of the flooded room. Tend to the electronic gadgets first, the faster you are to removing your possessions, the greater the chances are they will be rescued from any permanent damage. If you have the knowhow, and access, kill power going into the flooded room at the breaker box to protect power outlets. Carpets and under padding could be lost, but could be savable in different circumstances. Just remember moisture breeds mold. A professional from All Elements Restoration would be best suited for damage control and evaluations.

Dispose of Standing Water

Cleaning up after water could be a frustrating task, especially if the quantity is much. If the water was so great turning power off was needed, manual labor will be the solution. As long as sewage isn’t backed up, you can effectively bucket water down the drains. Absorb the remaining water with towel and mops. A wet vac would prove useful, but only if it can be powered on safely. Extension cords are not recommended as they can short out. Renting a sump pump is the better option if power is available. Just make sure getting rid of the water is number one priority.

Structural Drying

Once all the water has been removed, drying the damp aftermath is the next task. Fans and dehumidifiers will help dry quicker. If weather permits, open doors or windows to allow ventilation and quality air flow to assist in the drying process. Check walls for any severe damage, drywall can be easily replaced if damage occurred, wood can be easier saved.

Disinfect Water Damaged Surfaces

After the entire area has been dried out, including walls, wood material, insulation, etc. disinfecting the area is the next step. Bacteria may have been spread if sewage lines also backed up. Be sure to hit the room with a non-toxic disinfecting spray and clean the surface areas.

Prevent Mold

After you have thoroughly disinfected the area, apply Concrobium throughout the affected areas. Follow labels directions. Concrobium is non-toxic and safe to use on most surface. This cleaner can control mold spores from taking root.

Disposal of Water Damaged Materials

It is important that all damaged material is properly disposed. There are a multitude of recycling plants that specialize in various items.

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