How Do You Know if Moisture is Behind Wall in Deer Park, TX? Mold, Sagging Drywall & More

Water damage in your home can be expensive and difficult to repair. The best way to avoid costly repairs caused by water damage is to catch any leak or water damage early on; before it has had the time to cause significant damage to your home. There are usually several signs present in the drywall of your home to help you catch any leaks that could be hidden inside the walls. Disaster Services is here to share some of the most common signs of water damaged drywall so that you can catch a water leak quickly.

How Can You Tell if Drywall has Water Damage?

You should always be on the lookout for any signs that point to water damage on your drywall. Behind the walls of your home lies your plumbing system that could spring a leak at any point in time. Catching it early will help you save you money and a headache in repairs. Here are some of the most common signs of water damage on drywall.
– Water Seepage: Anytime you notice that there is water seeping through the walls of your home, it is a cause for concern. This means that there is a leak somewhere that you need to take care of. You should always call a professional to help you get to the bottom of this problem.
– Mold Presence: Sometimes, you may notice that there are dark patches of mold growth on your walls. When this happens, you know that there is too much moisture present somewhere. This can cause health problems for anyone living in the home as well as damage the structure of your home as well.
– Sagging Drywall: When drywall becomes saturated with moisture, it can start to sag. When you feel the drywall with your hand, you shouldn’t be able to feel much movement at all. If the drywall is easily moved by your hand, there is a good chance that there is a moisture problem causing it. Sometimes, you can really see wet drywall sagging if it is on the ceiling.
– Discoloration: Usually, if there is water damage to drywall, it causes discoloration as well. We aren’t talking about the black that comes from mold growth. This is usually a brown ring that is noticeable anywhere that the water has been. Seeing that brown ring is a good indicator that water has and is a problem.
– Warping: Another problem similar to sagging drywall is drywall that has warped because of water. Water can seriously alter the shape of both wood and drywall.

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If you have any of the signs indicated above in your home, it is time to turn to Disaster Services to help you get the water damage in your home fixed and cleaned up. We can help you get rid of any risk of mold growth that could be present due to excess water as well as any cleanup restoration work too. Call us today!

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