Is it Safe if Your Hot Water Heater is Leaking in League City, TX? How Do You Know it is About to Burst & More?

Any major water leak whether it is from a pipe, an appliance or from nature, is never a good thing when it occurs in the home. Water leaks can occur from a number of different sources, including the water heater. A water heater can leak and when it does, it can lead to major damage to the home. Disaster Services would like to share some of the dangers of a simple water heater leak and who to call if your water heater leaks in your home.

Is it Safe to Leave a Leaking Water Heater On

A water heater can develop slow leaks or even burst, which leads to major water damage. The water from the water heater can cause damages to the floors, walls and the foundation itself. Mold and mildew is often a common response to sudden water or moisture exposure to an environment. The water from a water heater is often very hard, which introduces mineral deposits to the site as well. When the water from the water heater contacts metal, rust will develop. Bacteria can develop in wood, carpet, fabrics and other natural based materials. The water and the response to its exposure not only damages the materials and surface the water touches but will also eventually contaminate the very air inside the home. Bacteria, mold, and mildew infects the air which can cause at the very least, indoor allergies. It can also lead to respiratory infections and major illness.

How Do You Know if Your Water Heater is about to Burst?

A water heater will develop a leak or suddenly burst releasing a lot of water to its location for one major reason: built up pressure. When pressure builds up inside the water heater, the seals and connections will weaken and eventually break under the stress of the pressure. Pressure build up can be due to sediment inside the water heater or from corrosion. The water heater often develops pressure when air enters the tank. If this occurs, the homeowner should release the pressure to prevent flooding. If the water heater does burst, you will need to quickly deal with the problem.

How Serious is a Hot Water Heater Leak?

If your water heater leaked or has burst, you will discover a lot of water damage to the floors and walls. When you have a lot of water damage that occurs at the site, it is highly recommended to seek professional water damage restoration services. They have all of the equipment to pump out or extract water, dry the site with fans, dehumidifiers and treat mold or repair the damages. By hiring a professional water damage restoration service, you are spared the need to buy or rent the needed tools and equipment to remove the water. Often flooring and drywall are damaged and need to be removed and new materials put in their place. If you do not feel up to the task of restoring your home your water heater has leaked or burst open, you will find a professional water damage restoration service is your best option.

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