What is the Most Common Plumbing Problem to Cause Water Damage in Houston, TX? Toilet Overflow & More

Water damage is one of the most common types of insurance claims filed each year. Plumbing leaks can occur in a number of sites throughout a home, causing major damage. As a homeowner, it helps to be aware of the common plumbing failures that can cause major water damages and work to prevent them. Disaster Services will share some of the most common sites for plumbing failure, how to prevent them, and where to get help if disasters occur.

Toilet Overflow

A toilet can develop a few different problems. A toilet can develop a leak around the hose connection, either the hose connecting to the toilet or the one to the wall valve. Toilets also use a seal inside the tank that connects to the hose that can also go out. But most common, a clog can develop which causes a toilet to overflow. Worst case scenario is that you develop a clog in the sewer line, which causes the sewer line to back up into your home. Sewer water is the worst type of water damage as it is considered hazardous and requires major repair and sanitation. To prevent toilet plumbing failures, make sure to clean your drainage and have sewer lines cleaned. Next, periodically check the hose and seals to make sure they are not wearing out or leaking. When leaks do develop, correct the problem quickly.

Rotted Wood Water Damage Under Sink

Under a sink is where the cold and hot water hoses are as well as the drain. The pipe that supplies the sink with water are located along the sink’s walls. This is a common site for many leaks. The wall as well as underneath a sink can develop leaks either in the hose, the connect or wall valves, or along the drain. Hoses and seals can wear out over time and will need to be replaced. Drains can also become clogged and overflow. Again, keep your sinks’ drain clean and check the seals along the drainage pipes. The water supply line and connection should also be monitored and checked for leaks. As soon as a small drip appears, repair your plumbing system.

Broken Water Heater Can Cause Damage

When a water heater develops a leak or suddenly cracks and bursts open, they can create a major water mess. A water heater can flood a garage and severely damage everything around it. Water heaters should be inspected and checked every few months. A homeowner should look for signs of leaks which look like water stains. A homeowner should also look for corrosion around the connection and along the hoses. When the water heater develops signs that it is ready to go, the homeowner would be much happier replacing the water heater than dealing with major water damage.

Can a Refrigerator or Other Appliance Cause Water Damage?

Appliances within the home such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, or laundry machine also have a water supply line. Appliances themselves, including central air conditioners, can develop a problem which can leak or flood a home. The hose and connection can also be the site of many leaks. As an appliances ages, as a homeowner be aware of the potential plumbing failures they can pose.

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It is important to prevent leaks and plumbing water damage. However, even with our best efforts plumbing can fail and water damages will occur. If your home was a scene of a recent plumbing disaster and you need water damage restoration services, contact Disaster Services today.

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