Types of Water Damage in Mission Bend, TX; Excessive Rainfall, Sewer Back Up, Plumbing Leaks & More

No one wants to experience water damage in their home. When this happens, it can lead to a number of different issues including mold growth. Getting your home dried out and put back together after water damage can be a big job. This is why homeowners need to know about different types of water damage so that they can avoid the problems in the first place. Disaster Services is here to talk about some of the ways that water damage can happen in your home so that you can hopefully avoid these issues.

Excessive Rainfall

While no one wants to have a drought, no one wants to have too much heavy rain either. If you have sudden, heavy rain, it can lead to big problems in your home. Water damage because of excessive rain is something that you can usually avoid if you’re ready for it. Get sandbags in place and make sure there is no cracking in your home’s foundation that could allow water to get into your home. If there is rainfall that seeps into your home’s foundation, it can lead to serious concerns like pests, mold, fungus and severe damage to your home.

Sewer Flooding

Water flooding into your home because of a sewer issue can be something that is a health hazard. There is usually a great deal of bacteria and other health hazards found in the sewer system of your home. You need to be aware of the appliances in your home that use water and the fixtures that could potentially break and cause water damage from the sewer system. If you notice that there is a chance that there is damage, make sure you’re being proactive about getting it fixed.

Water Intrusion

Water getting into your home because of a sump pump that isn’t working properly or a drainpipe that has become clogged is known as water intrusion. If there are cracks around the foundation of your home, it can also lead to water intrusion issues.

Plumbing Leaks & Busted Pipes

Plumbing leaks can derive from busted plumbing pipes leaking in the walls, ceiling or under your floors. Appliances can and do malfunction. Dishwashers and washing machines can overflow, fridges and freezers can leak, water heaters can burst, and air conditioners can have drainage problems. It is important to identify and stop the water leak, and then extract the standing water and clean, repair or replace water damaged surfaces.

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