What Happens if a Pipe Bursts in Your Channelview, TX House? How to Turn Off Power & Water, Locate Burst Pipes & More

If you come home or wake up to a ton of water inside your home, you will need to act quickly. When a pipe bursts or an appliance malfunctions, water can flood your home in a very short period of time. With water flooding, your home can receive a lot of damage, with mold following quickly behind the damages. When your home floods or has water damage due to a small leak, it is important to react properly. Disaster Services will share what to do when a pipe bursts and begins to flood your home.

Step 1. Turn Off the Power

The first thing you will want to do when you discover water flooding your home is too turn off the power. Water and electricity should never mix, to ensure the safety of the household and your home, turn off all of the power to your home. Either turn off all of the power by flipping all of the breakers, or if applicable, some electrical panels will have a master power switch. A fuse box should also have a main power switch that will cut off the power to the home.

Step 2. Turn Off the Water

Once the power has been turned off, your next step is to turn off the water to the home. The main water shut off valve is most often near the home’s water heater. However, each home’s plumbing system can vary. Locate the main water supply line and turn off the water to the home.

Step 3. Locate the Burst Pipe

Once the water and power has been cut off to your home, you will then need to locate the broken or burst pipe. You may need to remove some drywall to access the leak. Do not worry as once the drywall has been soaked, it will need to come down anyway. Locate the broken pipe and have the pipe repaired. While the pipe is being repaired you will also need to figure out how to clean up and repair the water damage.

Step 4. Contact a Water Damage Restoration Service

When a pipe bursts and you have water all over your home or in a basement, you will need professional help. A professional water damage restoration service can quickly come to your home. They will first assess the damage and begin extracting the water from the home. They have water pumps, dehumidifiers, and fans to help remove the water and dry out the home. They will document all of the water damage and begin removing drywall and other materials that cannot be recovered. They can help repair your home and prevent the development of mold. When you have a lot of water damage in your home, do not wait to seek out professional assistance to ensure the recovery of your home.

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When a pipe bursts in your home it is important to take the right steps to ensure the safety and the restoration of your home. For timely and quality water damage restoration services, contact Disaster Services and schedule our services.

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