What are Ways to Prevent Water & Fire Damage when on Vacation from Baytown, TX? Turn Off Water & More

As the kids are winding down at the end of the school year, many parents are looking forward to that summer vacation themselves. Many have already picked their summer vacation destination and can’t wait to relax. As you only have a week or so until summer break, now is a great time to prepare your home before you leave. There are some things you will want to do to ensure you don’t return to a flooded or burned down home or get a call from a neighbor alerting you to a disaster. Disaster Services will share how you can prevent fire and flooding disasters from occurring while you’re away on vacation.

What are Things I Can Do to Prevent a Fire or Water Disaster While Away?

There are a number of ways to help protect your home while you’re away. Of course, you will want to do the basics, such as have someone pick up your mail and newspapers, and have a security alarm system. However, as you want to protect your home from outside elements, think on how to protect your home from inside. There are a number of electronic and plumbing features that can pose a threat of flooding or fire inside your home. Here is a basic list to follow to help prevent fire or flooding inside the home.
Unplug Electrical Devices and Appliances – There are a number of appliances in the home that you can unplug, starting with the washer and dryer. They won’t be needed until you return and lint is a very flammable material. If a spark were to occur, the lint would create enough fuel to burn the house down. Therefore, it is recommended that you unplug your laundry room appliances. Next, unplug computers, and entertainment centers. Every item you leave plugged can be a hazard. So to prevent electrical fires, make sure to unplug all electronics. Leave the essential appliances such are refrigerators on, of course. By turning off or unplugging all electrical devices and unnecessary appliances in your home, you’re stopping electrical currents from feeding into your home which can reduce electrical fires and also save you money. There are about 400,000 homes each year that catch fire due to electrical sources. Reduce your chances and turn off or unplug your electronics.
Turn Off the Water – As water is fed into your home, you release the pressure built up within the plumbing or pipes each time you use water. When you go away for a week or longer, that pressure never gets released and continues to build. It is important to turn off the main water line to your home before you leave to prevent the pressure from building up. Additionally, before you leave as you shut off the water, turn a faucet on for a few minutes so the water inside the pipes has time to drain and release the pressure. By preventing the pressure from building up inside your pipes, you can prevent flooding from occurring inside your home while you are away.

Flood & Water Damage Restoration in Baytown, Pasadena, League City, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands, Spring & Greater Houston, Texas

There are of course some disaster situations you simply can’t avoid, especially when Mother Nature is involved. However, make every attempt to prevent floods or fire from occurring while you’re away and you will help reduce the chances of a disaster occurring while you are gone. Disaster Services hopes we were able to prevent a disaster from happening while you’re away. If you happen to experience a flooding or fire disaster in your home, we can be there to help clean and if possible restore your home. Contact Disaster Services when you experience a water or fire disaster emergency!

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