What is Considered Water VS Flood Damage for Insurance in Spring, TX? How Do You Restore & Rebuild?

When your home is soaked, often it doesn’t seem to matter too much how it happened. The problem is dealing with the water to save and restore your home. However, water damage versus flood damage is different and possibly different risks as well as how the home will need to be restored. When water affects a surface they often need to be replaced to prevent decay and mold. To better understand the differences between water damage versus flood damage, Disaster Services would like to explain the differences.

What Does Water & Flood Damage Mean?

Most people assume water and flood damage is a universal term, but they actually describe two separate situations.
• Water Damage is when a plumbing failure occurs that results in a burst or broken pipe, backup from a toilet, overflowing washing machine or dishwasher.
• Flood Damage is when the water content originated from a storm with heavy rains, flash flooding, hurricane, sump pump failure, and roof leaks.
When defining water damage it can be a bit confusing since roof leaks due to rain can also be classified as water damage. When a basement fills up with a few inches of water, it may sound more like a flood regardless as to the source. Remember the key difference is how the water got there. Water from a human made error is one of the crowning elements. Flooding is when water comes in from outside and as a result from weather conditions. Why is it important to know the difference between water and flood damage? It matters to the insurance company and to the restoration services. Some home insurance policies may only cover flood or water damage, while other policies will cover both. You will need to carefully read over your insurance policy to make sure your restoration will be covered.

How Do You Restore Water & Flood Damage

When the home has been affected by water, most material that has been soaked will need to be removed and replaced. However, the water source can have an effect in the sense of what water contaminants may be inside your home. Flood damage allows a lot of contaminates from outside to enter the home, mold can be much more diverse which means how one restores the home. Mold contamination is always a major concern. Did pests enter the home with that flood water? Do pests need to be controlled before you proceed with the restoration of your home? When the damage is due to water from a broken pipe, this is clean and filtered water, unless the water was the result of a backup from the sewer or drainage lines. If that occurred, you have waste contamination to deal with. When contacting a flood and water damage restoration service, it is important to share where the water came from and how much water is inside the home. Another major consideration is where within the home is located. Did the water damage come from a leak in the HVAC system, or on an upper floor? Water will drip down which means you will have water damage above you as well as at the floor level.

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