What Structural Damage & Health Problems Does Mold Cause in Mission Bend, TX? Allergies & More

The bane of all structures, floor and wall coverings is mold. So, what is mold? It is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae. Yeasts are fungi that have adopted a single cell growth habit. Mold is one of natures clean up kings in converting dead, usually vegetable matter and breaking it down. Unfortunately, mold can cause issues for the living. Disaster Services explores some of the negative effects of mold below.

Can Drywall with Mold Be Saved?

Dried mold spores can be a major allergen. It attacks dead organic matter like wood used as structural components in buildings. Mold also find some synthetic materials tasty as well like latex paint, vinyl wall coverings, sheetrock and carpet. Mold stains, discolors and disfigures all that it touches. It can be impregnated into the very pores of boards. Moldy sheetrock with a deep impregnation of mold will need to be replaced. There is no known remedy for deeply impregnated mold but full replacement of the affected area. Cut out the area a few inches outside of the mold affected area and check for mold along the edges, if no mold is present cut out the rest and patch. Textures need to be duplicated or changed across the whole wall. This is good for other repairs beside mold like impact damage, popping nails and other blemished areas due to staining. The upside to repairs is that it provides an opportunity to change things. You can explore other design considerations like color contrasts, wainscoting, paper or paneling. Some design concepts include doing the wall in a Spanish influenced style or bringing in stucco designs from the outside to the inside. Your only limits are budget and imagination.

What Do the Different Colors of Mold Mean?

Molds constitute more than one species. Black mold prefers areas of extensive or reoccurring water damage. Not toxic in and of itself, some varieties produce micro-toxins as waste. This can cause disease in humans and animals. Some are mortal. Wear particulate masks, gloves and if your using bleaches us eye protection. In those cool moist areas like basements another invader can take advantage of a supporting environment and invade your living area. Most commonly this is “white mold”. It can be confused with efflorescence, a mineral deposit. Spray with water, if dissolves it’s the mineral. Bathrooms attract “blue” mold. It grows where there is reoccurring moisture caused by water vapor. Green mold likes the same places as does blue mold. If it is in the wall board repairs are in order or it will keep coming back.

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Mold is humidity dependent, control condensation as much as possible. Fans can evacuate moisture laden air, any leaks should be repaired as soon as possible. Disaster Services can handle all your water damage and mold remediation needs. Call us to discuss your next project today!

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