What Type of Water Damages Do Floods Cause in Tomball, TX? What is Category 1 – 3 of Water Loss?

Experiencing flooding in your home is never a welcomed sight. The last thing that any homeowner wants to see is standing water anywhere inside their home. However, it still happens….a lot. There are several reasons why a home can take on water. The cause of the water in the home is going to have an impact on what type of flooding the restoration companies and homeowners are dealing with. Disaster Services is here to talk about what different types of flooding looks like in homes.

What to Do After a Flood in Your House

It is important that you know the very first steps you should take when you find flooding in your home.
– Step One: You need to find the leak. As tempting as it may be to call your plumber, your first priority is going to be to stop the water. If you can’t stop the flow where the leak is happening, you can shut off the water to the home. It is important that every homeowner knows where the water shut off valve is their home for this exact reason. Once you have found the leak and gotten the water to stop, call in the plumber to help fix the problem.
– Step Two: The next thing that needs to be done is to call in a water restoration company to start getting things cleaned up. They will be able to get things drying out so that you can avoid mold and mildew growth.
– Step Three: Call your insurance company to talk about coverage of the damage caused by the flooding in your home.

Category 1-3 Water Loss

There are three different degrees of water damage that can happen in a residential home.
– Category 1: Flooding that is considered category one will happen with clean water. This is the water that is coming from your sink or the showers in your home. It is clear and the mildest form of water damage.
– Category 2: This type of flooding happens as a result of grey water. This water likely comes from your toilets or washing machine. It has a low level of chemical or biological contaminate in it. However, there is no waste present with this type of water.
– Category 3: If you have category 3 flooding, it is a result of your home taking on black water. This water is filled with bacteria, fungus and other unsanitary agents that make it unsafe to be around. This type of flooding usually happens after a break in the sewer main to your home. Category 2 water can quickly become category 3 if it is left untreated.

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