What to Do when a Hot Water Heater Bursts in Stafford, TX? Turn Power Off, Contact Restoration Company & More

A hot water heater can suddenly burst and a flood of water can come rushing out and all over your home. When a hot water heater bursts open without warning, it can cause major water damage and open the door for mold and mildew to develop inside your home. When a hot water heater bursts open, you will need to act quickly and get the right help for your home needs. Disaster Services will share what to do when a hot water heater bursts and how to recover your home from water damage.

Turn Power Off to Water Heater

When you first discover that your water heater has burst open and flooding has begun, your first step is to turn of the power to the hot water heater and any local circuits. Afterward, quickly turn off the water supply to the hot water heater to stop further flooding. It is important to turn of the power to prevent electrocution or other electrical hazards. This ensures household safety, so always turn off the power first.

Contact a Water Damage Restoration Company

Once you have stopped the flow of water and the home is safe, your next best move is to contact a water damage restoration company. There are a number of reasons why you will want to seek a professional at this point. First, they have water pumps. Often after a hot water heater bursts, it will release a ton of water that may need to be pumped out. Where a number of hot water heaters can be found in the basement, flooding is a big problem. Unless you want to rent pumps yourself, a professional will already have it on hand and are ready to be used. A professional will also have water extraction machines to help suck water out of the floor and other materials exposed to the water. Next, a professional water damage service will set up fans and dehumidifiers to dry out your home. Unless you are fully equipped to remove the water, it is worth having a professional come to your home.

Clean Up Standing Water, Dry & Rebuild

Removing all of the water is the first step in restoring your home after a hot water heater breaks. The next step is assessing the damages and what will be needed to restore your home. A water restoration service can also perform restoration for your home. They will remove damaged material and help rebuild your home. They can also perform mold remediation to prevent mold or treat any mold that has begun to develop. A professional water damage restoration service can help you from the very start of the flooding to the end of repairing your home due to the water damage. When you need help dealing with a hot water heater bursting, it is highly recommended that you seek a professional water damage restoration service. Not only can they help restore your home, but they will also be thorough in documenting the damages and provide an invoice to give to your insurance company if you plan to file a claim.

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