What are the Effects of Water Damage in Schools in Richmond, TX? Food Contamination, Electrical Hazards & More

When parents send their kids off to school, they need to know that the school they are going to is a safe one. We have been hearing about the safety of our children at school especially in the last few years. When there is water damage at a school, it can cause an upheaval that needs to be dealt with properly to ensure the school is a safe place for the students and staff that are spending their time there. Disaster Services is here to talk about the impact water damage can have in a school setting.

What is the Biggest Concern with Water Damage?

There are several different ways that water damage can impact a school campus. When water damage occurs, it may be obvious with gallons and gallons of water filling spaces and covering floors. Other times, it may be more subtle with a slow leak that creates a problem over time. However it happens, there are some problems that can arise.
– Ruined Supplies: Whether it is projectors, computers, books or other supplies that are usually found on a school campus, these supplies are easily damaged by water. It isn’t uncommon for many supplies to be replaced once the water is cleaned up because they are unsalvageable.
– Furniture Damage: There are usually several furniture pieces found throughout a school that are constructed using materials like wood and fabric. When they make contact with flood water, they can sustain damage that leaves them ruined as well.
– Food & Water Contamination: If the water damage takes place in the cafeteria area, it can leave schools throwing out an enormous amount of food that was contaminated and ruined. It can also leave the water supply deemed contaminated and unusable as well. There are bacteria that are carried in flood water that leaves the water undrinkable.
– Musty Smells: Even when the water has been dried up and moved out of the school, there may be a musty smell that lingers due to microbial growth. This can be a serious distraction for students as well as staff.
– Mold Growth: It is no secret that mold is a huge concern anytime there is water damage anywhere. It doesn’t take long for this process to get started and getting rid of mold can be difficult to do without professional help.
– Electrical Hazards: If there is an electrical wiring or outlets that are exposed to floodwaters, it can create a dangerous place to be in a hurry. If there are any flood waters, the power to the building needs to be shut off immediately.

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