Commercial Water Damage Clean Up in Huntsville, TX; Leading Cause of Leaks & Floods & More

If you have ever had to deal with a broken pipe or a flooded toilet it is not something that you want to have to experience again. Having it happen in a workplace or in your building would not be fun either. So, why does this happen and how can we prevent it from happening? Or at least catch it before it gets worse? Disaster Services is going to help you learn a little bit more about what to do when there is water damage.

What is the Leading Cause of Commercial Water Damage?

There are a few problems that lead to water damage. The most common cause of water damage is faulty plumbing. With faulty plumbing, it can cause your pipe to leak and get water everywhere. The water can be leaking out of sight behind the walls or spraying out of the pipe in plain sight. Either way, it is getting water everywhere. Another thing that can cause water damage is an appliance or equipment that requires water experiences a malfunction while left unattended. If the appliance is running and has broken while no one is in the office for a few days, it can cause water damage all over your office.

How Serious is a Water Leak in a Business Premises?

When you have a water leak you need to call a water damage restoration specialist like AMMCO to help you get it cleaned up. After you have called a water damage restoration specialist, then eliminate potential hazards in the area. You will need to turn off the electrical circuit breaker and unplug any appliances on the floor. You will also want to start removing items that are being soaked in water.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Process

Disaster Services will use specialized equipment to remove the water from the damaged area. Then they will dry the area to remove the rest of the moisture. After that, they will clean and sanitize the area. This process will take up to 2 to 4 days depending on the amount of water that was there and the amount of the damage that was done. The complex is then restored or remodeled depending on the severity of the damage that occurred.

How Can You Prevent Water Damage in the Workplace?

No one wants water damage to happen in the workplace, so how do you prevent it. You will want to look for unexpected increases on the water bill. This could indicate that there is a plumbing leak somewhere. If you see peeling paint on walls, that is another great sign. The paint on your walls should not be peeling off. You will want to check appliances that use water such as refrigerators, dishwashers, air humidifiers and for clogged toilets especially before the weekend starts. Make sure everything that uses water is working properly to help prevent a water leak.

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If your workplace or building is having a water damage emergency and you need to know what to do to help with clean up, give Disaster Services a call. We will come and help you get your water damage cleaned up and repaired if necessary.

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