How Do You Clean Up & Repair a House After a Flood or Water Damage in Missouri City, TX?

Anytime you experience water damage, it can be devastating. The damage caused by water can be extensive and costly. When it comes to cleaning it up, you need to make sure you do it correctly or else you will end up with a large mess on your hands. Disaster Services is here to talk about some safety tips and tricks to cleaning up water damage.

Safety Tips Before Entering a Home with Water Damage

It is incredibly important that you take some safety measures before entering a space that has sustained water damage of any kind. Here is a checklist of things you need to do first.
– Check for any electrical hazards that could be present
– Make sure there isn’t structural damage that could put you in danger
– Wear protective gear that will ensure you don’t get hurt including boots, gloves, and respirators

How Do You Repair a House After Water Damage?

Most homeowners want to get to work right away to clean up the mess that is inside their home. Following are some tips that can help you get it cleaned up and put back together.
– Act Fast: The first tip is to get to work right away when it comes to water damage. It doesn’t take long for conditions to allow mold and mildew to start growing. Within 48-72 hours of the water damage occurring, mold can start to grow.
– Ventilate: You will want some ventilation in there to help with mold growth as well. Keeping the temperatures moderate and allowing airflow in the space will help you slow down the mold growth.
– Assess Damage: You will want to assess the damage in your home when water is a problem. There are many different items that can be salvaged if you catch the water problem soon enough. Some items will more than likely be better off throwing out though. You may be able to restore heirlooms, antiques or custom furniture. It may also be worth your while to try and salvage carpet, mattresses, drywall and other items in the space.
– Expose Saturation: There might be saturation that is hiding behind walls and under floorboards. You will need to make sure that these pockets of saturation are exposed so that they can dry out appropriately. This is a big part of keeping mold growth at bay.
– Clean Up: Now you will need to do a thorough cleanup on the space. If this isn’t done properly, you will wind up with problems down the road. It is always best to call on a water restoration professional to help ensure it is done properly.

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If you have experienced water damage in your home, you can call on Disaster Services to help you get things cleaned up and put back together. We can help you salvage as many of your belongings as possible. Call us today!

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